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The Painful Leg Injuries are about a pure love of sound. Bill combines field recordings, homemade electronics, circuit bent toys and keyboards, Gameboy, Wiimotes and warped old instruments. He uses unusual techniques including gathering audio data from file conversions of his visual art, and sampling everday sounds on his cell phone. Suzanne plays lovely cellos drones adding a classical sense of beauty. The result is a wall of sound that is aggressive, pretty, alein and comforting. At times it will recall sci-fi and horror sound tracks and at other times droney world music.

Byrne’s compositions display a structure that channels his influences into an ulikely mix. The Painful Leg Injuries merge noise music of Wolf Eyes or the Vibracathedral Orchestra, with the pop ambience of Fennesz and Boards of Canada. Byrne believes that cacophony needs to be earned giving dynamic twists which either build to a shift or take a sudden unexpected turn.

Live, the Painful Leg Injuries deliver a wide variety of dynamic sounds. Bill performs a plate-spinning act of playing his laptop, Gameboy, trumpet, xylophone, circuit bent toys, while Suzanne’s cello drives the kaleidescope of sound forward. They include Byrne’s animation video art as part of their live performances.

They’ve recently released their second album If The Devil’s In The Details Than How Many Details Can You Fit Upon A Match? on OKS Recordings of North America, the label Byrne runs with longtime collaborator Jonah Goldstein. They’ve also released a 3” CD-R on Hong Kong’s Lona Records called The Quicker Are The Encumbered. In 2007 they released afull length album as a free download with the label Noise Joy, The Forever Ending Revolutions On Autopilot. In 2008 they released another full length free download album, this time for OKSRNA called The Rich Man's Godforsaken Driver's Seat, a collection of Wii-Mote controlled compositions. Since 2005, the Painful Leg Injuries have been releasing new music weekly as part of the Painful Leg Injuries Podcast available for free on iTunes.

The Painful Leg Injuries are currently based in Austin, Texas.

OKS Recordings of North America

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